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Transforming Workplace Wellness: Highlights from Our Lower Back Pain Workshop at the Edmonton Women’s Show


Last weekend at the Edmonton Women’s Show, something remarkable happened. We had the opportunity to present a condensed 25-minute version of our acclaimed 1-hour Lower Back Pain Workshop. The response was overwhelming – from volunteers to audience members, the takeaways were profound and immediate. It was a vivid demonstration of how even a brief intervention can make a significant difference, especially for those battling the perils of a sedentary desk job.


The Challenge of the Sedentary Lifestyle:

In today’s work environment, a significant number of professionals are tied to their desks, leading to a sedentary lifestyle. This inactivity is a leading contributor to lower back pain, a common complaint among office workers. Our workshop at the Edmonton Women’s Show highlighted this issue and offered practical, accessible solutions.

Our 25-minute session was a whirlwind of energy and engagement. We focused on:

• Understanding the Problem: A brief overview of why sedentary lifestyles lead to back pain.

• Simple, Effective Exercises: Demonstrating easy-to-do exercises that can be incorporated into any busy schedule.

• Posture and Ergonomics: Tips on how to improve posture and set up a workspace to minimize strain.

• Interactive Elements: Engaging the audience in exercises and encouraging them to experience the benefits firsthand.


The feedback was immediate and overwhelmingly positive. Volunteers and audience members reported feeling relief and a renewed sense of awareness about their bodies. They were amazed at how minor adjustments and simple exercises could lead to significant changes in their comfort and overall health.


Why This Workshop is Ideal for Desk Job Employees:

With just 25-minute version of our Lower Back Pain Workshop, though brief, encapsulated the essence of what we aim to achieve in the full 1-hour session. It’s designed specifically for desk job employees who:

• Spend long hours sitting.

• Experience chronic lower back pain.

• Need quick, effective strategies that can be implemented at the workplace.


Our success at the Edmonton Women’s Show is just the beginning. We’re excited to bring this workshop to more people, especially those in the corporate sector. We believe that fostering a culture of wellness in the workplace starts with education and practical solutions – and that’s exactly what our workshop offers.

As we continue to expand our reach, we invite companies and organizations to consider our Lower Back Pain Workshop as a part of their employee wellness programs. Together, we can combat the health issues associated with sedentary work lifestyles and foster a happier, healthier workforce.

Want our workshop at your next conference or

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